IPTC is now granting official feederships to the annual International Puppy and Trainer Contest. These feederships will be granted to organizations or individuals who demonstrate a willingness to promote a positive Puppy and Trainer lifestyle and agree to hold an annual contest of their own to select winners as representatives for their respective areas. Feeders also will agree to promote the original International Puppy and Trainer Contest as well as its past and traditions. Feeders will be allowed to send their selected titleholders as well as first runners up to the International Level.


There are no fees associated with having an Official IPTC Feeder. However, the organization will be responsible for all costs of their own contests, as well as the costs associated with sending their representatives to the International Level Contest. As stated above, Feederships are granted to those individuals who demonstrate the willingness to hold feeder contests as well as promote a positive Puppy lifestyle and IPTC. Official Feeders must adhere to standards and guidelines as provided by IPTC producers when running their contests. Official Feeders should send representatives to the International Level Contest annually. If an official feeder goes two consecutive years without sending a representative, they risk losing their feedership. The IPTC Producer will make the final determination in each case.


Areas will be granted based on the size of the community located around the Applying Organization. This could mean that the organization is granted an entire state, a geographic region, or just a major city. The applying individual or organization will request their desired area and name; however, the producers of IPTC will set the radius of the organization’s reach.


Download the application here.

Great Lakes Pup and Trainer Contest

This feeder contest is organized by P.A.A.C., headquartered in Cleveland.